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Aaron Garlick
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United Kingdom
Hey all. Name's Aaron. 17 years of age. Poet, story writer and photographer as well as very rarely a drawer.

Completed my AS Levels and am doing A2 Levels
Sociology - C
Film Studies (Dropped so full grade) - B
English Literature and Language - B
History - B

I love anime. I have a list of anime I have seen here:

FMA, FMA Brotherhood, Naruto Original series, Nabari No Ou, Fruits Basket, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Soul Eater, Death Note, Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Black butler, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Vampire Knight, Fairy Tail, Mirai Nikki, Devil May Cry, Tsubasa Chronicles, Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHolic, Pandora Hearts, K-On, Angel Beats!, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Ph GX, Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds, A lot of Pokemon, A lot of Bleach, Sword Art Online, Afro Samurai, Highschool of the Dead, Casshern Sins, Beelzebub....ergh will add more later.

So there you have it :)

As well as anime I love all types of media really.

All types of music. From reggae to electro, from rock to classical. From OST's to vocaloid music. Just ask me and if I haven't listened I will and most likely will like it.

All types of movies. action to horror, anime to comedy, romance to korean horror. (had to mention korean because they make amazing movies)

All types of books. Game of Thrones to Charles Dickins. Darren Shan to Stephen King. Reading I don't do as much as I used to now though since I got addicted to computer and video games :/

Video games I like all types of apart from probably COD and BATTLEFIELD. Overrated video games. RPG's are my favourites and I have a PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of new generation. But the Xbox 360 is only silver membership so I don't bother giving it out. I also have a Wii that I do love but don't own enough games for. I'm also a retro nerd and own a PS2, Xbox Original, Gamecube N64, GBA, GBC and am planning on getting a Dreamcast and SNES very soon.

PSN: yurihyuga212

Send me a request if you wish.

That's pretty much it. I am a lover for an anime chatroom called animewaffles:

Please check it out :)

Great anime you can get there including anime movies such as the Studio Ghibli Collection (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Grave of the Fireflies, Laputa Castle In the Sky etc etc) and anime itself of course such as mirai nikki, FMA. Soul Eater, Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Pokemon, Digimon, DB, DBZ, DBZGT, Yu-Gi-Oh, Say I love You etc etc. All the anime I said above that I'd watched as well xD

And that's about it. I'm a nice easy-going guy. Feel free to message me if you wish. Where ever it may be. Chatango or Deviant Art. I also have a Skype but I'll only give that out if you make good enough friends with me ;)
'sup guysss...

Again, it has been a while and by now you probably know uploads/journal entries will probably always be a rare case for me, so the best thing I can do is at least try to make each one long and interesting for you lot :) But this isn't a competition it's just for me to express my thoughts as of recently.
Wow where did I leave last...oh right...just before I went to have so much to tell you guys ^_^

Well what can I say? NCS....changed me...incredibly...

It sounds cheesey but it's true. I actually met 2 of the greatest people in the world. They are probably my greatest friends and thanks to them I have grown up maturely...I listen to the news, I join in political discussions about the world, I have gained an interest in philosophy, religion, politics and...well I've always been a history person so maybe not "gained" but "expressed" is a better word for my love of history...

NCS itself was amazing too...I was in the White team and apart from 2 people from my old school, they were all complete strangers when I was put on the team and now we are all really great friends too.

Harris, one of the people I was on about, was on red team but he was my roommate in the college during the course of NCS. And man, he is incredible guys. He's one year older than me and so has already done his AS Levels and is now doing A2. He is one of the smartest people I have ever known and it was because of the knowledge he shares with me that I have gained such interest in the world as well as religion. He is muslim and has told me much about Islam and the funny thing is, I feel like I know more about Islam then many Muslims in this day and age themselves purely because a lot of the stuff I ask them they have no idea about...which is kind of depressing in it's own sense.

Nazy is the other person I met and man I love her to pieces ^_^ she is so mature and kind, I made instant friends with her pretty much...we had the longest conversations you could ever imagine and right from the first week I did fall in love with her personality :) We are great friends now and me, her and Harris are pretty much inseparable. She has a love for philosophy and religion as well, as does Harris and because of our similar interests in the world of humanities, we have the most intellectual discussions in sixth for nowadays.

The first week of NCS consisted of team building skills. I was white team as I said before, Harris was Red team and Nazy was Green team so pretty much we were against each other, but in a friendly way xD the activites we did were incredibly fun, from rock climbing, to archery, to pioneering, to survival challenges with campfires and rope tying, to evade and capture in the dark, to crate climbing and lots of other stuff!!! :D Not very detailed lol xD But it was just FUN!! SO MUCH FUN!! Erghhh I feel you guys should of been there Q_Q

The thing is, the PEOPLE were what made NCS SO MUCH FUN! Seriously! I have never met so many kind people who we could joke around with. As well as Nazy and Harris, the people in Red and Green team themselves were just incredibly kind people who you can have a joke around with and just have a good time. Most of them don't go my sixth form but we do stay together on Facebook and it's just nice to talk to them really is guys. Everyday of the first week we would have a activity where all teams would meet together and we would do something from Evade and Capture, to camp fire activities, to charity fun runs and other great fun for everyone :)

The shit toilets, the amazing food, the fun activities and the great people all made the first week incredibly entertaining and an unforgetable experience.

Second week of NCS consisted of planning a charity event and again we went off for another week to a different college this time. The funny thing about the second week was that most of the time we had nothing to do! lol! And so I would use the time just to meet up with Harris, Nazy and other people we get on well with and we would find things to do xD I took tons of nature pictures, the college themselves organised events such as disco nights, talent competitions, costume competitions etc etc. And when we weren't connecting via these activities, we were in our team rooms planning our events away. Our team had so many jokes and memorable moments too and I will cherish those as well :)

During the second week we didn't do much team activities as the first week was for that generally but we did do ONE activity which was raft building and boy did I enjoy that!! xD We split in our teams against each other into groups of about 3-4 and we had to build a raft and swim it out into the river :D It was really fun and took lots of hard work :)

Man this post is going to be long xD But the third week now. This was back in my hometown and so I just travelled to and fro from my house to the college near there. This consisted of final planning and beginning of execution of the charity event. We supported autism bedfordshire for our charity event and we came up with ideas for bake sales, stall events and other gizmo's for our event. We were incredibly talented in creativity terms for our team as many of our members made little unicorns and hats and clothes and the biggest thing was our mugs! We got some plain white mugs and made lots of great patterns for them, it was fun :) Also again, most days I would spend with Harris and Nazy during our freetime. We would show Nazy the town as she didn't come from our town and we would go around with other people in different teams and just have a good time ^_^ Had such a great time...

At this point it was never really a competition anymore, each team had charities they were raising money for and at the end of the day, it's for charity and not a competition. Competition generated more effort and thus more money for charity though which is why it started off like that really I'd say. So because of that we did try to attend as much of the other teams events as possible, Green team in particular which Nazy was in had some of the greatest events in our NCS (and did raise tons of money too) and I was able to participate in their charity walk of 6.6 miles and their fete day later on. The walk was amazing too btw :D we went to a danish camp which was by tons of nice nature and had coffee and cake there ^-^

In team time on the third week a lot of time was spent playing music, coming up with ideas, making phonecalls to organise dates for selling and raising money, and gaining confirmation by the law to be able to do this stuff. At the end of the week, we said goodbye and was ready to meet each other again for the sale days. We made a Facebook group chat where we could talk about what we're doing more and stuff, and it all went very well.

So that really was the end of NCS itself. Of course we did the events still but that was planned. What I can give more details about (if you're not asleep by now of course) is the green team event we went too and my own fete days for White team, before going onto the graduation ceremony and the new transfer from GCSE's to A-Levels via the new sixth form college where me, harris and nazy currently are at ;P hehehehe!!

Green team event day!!! INCREDIBLE!! The best event day of all NCS events I heard of I have to say! They're team was so LUCKY though! Because honestly their team had some of the most VARIED talent I have ever saw. They had artists! They had great cooks! They had this person who had MANY contacts and who without, the event day probably would NEVER have had so many different people. They had a person who sold burgers! They had a karaoke machine! They had darts and fuck whatever you say...that got me ENTERTAINED as hell bitchez. I fucking LOVE darts, excuse my language now xD But yeah, they had a BRILLIANT cake sale, they had balloons, they had EVERYTHING okay!? It was incredible, I went with Harris, we played darts, we played music, we had balloon fights with Nazy and little kids, we played Jenga and we had a wonderful time!

For my own fete day, it wasn't the GREATEST. All we really had was a single stall in a public sale called table top sale and we did okay! I baked some amazing cakes, just saying :3 I did get a B in food technology after all ;) And I sold most of them too so I think I raised at least half of our money xD I had a good day getting to know my team a lot better, we get on really well ^^ and I had some jokes with the "guys" in our team which is just 2 on that day out of only 3 anyway out of 13 people. Yes most of my team were girls and the funny thing is I am the only guy who actually makes an effort and talks to all the girls and gets on well with them best ;) After the sale ended we went to Costa where I had a LARGE LATTE!! I LOVE coffee just saying!!!

And that's it!! No more to do with NCS until the graduation really. Getting tired now so won't say much more about graduation apart from we all dressed formally, we did speeches and we got given certificated signed by David Cameron who organised NCS apparently. Funny thing is the people who represented white, green and red team happen to be Me, Nazy and Harris who are the closest friends. And each team only was meant to have one speaker as well, so what are the chances huh?? What are the chances? xD It's destiny that we became so close if you ask me :D

Harris and my speeches intertwined so well, you will never guess what he did! In front of over 200 people he said "Aaron...I love you" and went all oggly weird on me! It was so embarrassing and yet I found it so funny!! xD And when I went up the first thing I said was "Harris, I'm going to kill you!" And then delivered a great improvised speech and man, was it fun :3

But that's pretty much it for graduation.
Education wise, sixth form is incredible! Made a few new friends, not as much as in NCS as for some reason people aren't as nice in sixth form then in NCS >.> But I did make some new friends either way as I am a very easy-going person who can talk about most things.

But you still can't get me, harris and nazy away from each other as we spend almost all our free time in the library together, discussing Islam, politics, the recent news, philosophy, history etc etc together, and getting our homework and revision done. Hoping to get my A's guys!!

It's a lot better than my old school the new place, really is. It's more individualised, you get free periods, when teachers aren't in lessons you get cover work but are allowed to leave and just do it for homework, you get a nice cafe with actual GOOD food. You get really advanced computers and youtube ISN'T blocked, and you can listen to music whilst doing work and stuff. It's just great okay! I'm glad to not be treated like a child anymore and more like an adult who can study whilst talking to great friends and listen to music.

Nearly done now guys, I just need to take a moment to share what I want to do in life, and that is that I want to be a historian ^_^ It's something I've been thinking about for a long time but ever since I was in middle school I was always obsessed with asking about the past and wanting to know why people we are the way we are. That interlinks with sociology and philosophy and religion too, humanities in itself is my favourite area of education and I will always ALWAYS love it. History is my favourite aspect as I find it the most interesting and fun. I love knowing about evil dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. I also love the ancient world and the aztecs and mayans etc etc. I hope to go to Cambridge and do a History degree ^^ And this is why guys, I am so offline recently. I don't have as much freetime to be online all the time.

I still as said in my last post, will upload poetry sometimes but I am more of a Facebook guy now in terms of social networking, I talk to Nazy and my friends on there and don't get much time to do much else in freetime apart from music and history research, so please feel free to add me on there if you have a facebook and want to keep in touch more often then you can on here ^^ not saying I've given dA up. I probably never will just "stop" indefinitely, it's just I am on fb more then anything else.

Facebook:… (please say below if you sent me request otherwise I won't accept random weirdos I don't actually know that well lol)

But in short, I'm loving life right now! Can't be any better!

I can improvise on a piano really well now and play to my heart's content every day after lessons in the sixth form. I buy coffee everyday and I have a great time ^_^ Lessons are going well :) we recently did our first assessments and I did well in all of them. Haven't gotten below a C grade yet in them and this is just the first assessments. In English I even got an A and history I got a B though apparently my analytical knowledge is top of the class (it was just my historical knowledge that let it down apparently but oh well, the analysis technique is apparently supposed to be harder lool) My film studies was a C and my sociology was a C which was amazing as I have NEVER done sociology before at ALL, so I have only been studying it for a few weeks technically and already am getting passing grades ;) I should hopefully be getting all A's at the end of the year ^^;

Well apart from that am also always on: (when I get the time as "yoite212")

Hope you all have been going well too.

Oh as far as results for GCSE's go guys I got them by phonecall! Yes, phonecall! Because it was during second week NCS and I really wanted to know. My results go like this:

English Literature: A
English Language: A
History: A
Media Studies: B
Food Technology: B
Core Science: C
Additional Science: C
Mathematics: C
French: E ( <-- LOL)
BTEC ICT: Distiniction
BTEC Drama: Merit

Am very very proud of my results and with that I am done :) Love you all, take care :) Assalamalaikum <3

  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: History
  • Watching: Documentaries
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Cake!!
  • Drinking: Rubicon!!!


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Sorry to be a creeper, but I couldn't help but notice you're going on to study A Levels? And I saw your GCSE results- impressive. I'd like to say I'm envious of you going on to do Sociology! That seems a very interesting subject. I am however doing A Level Psychology, which is fascinating. I'm also doing English Language (it's brilliant; best subject ever) and I did Literature for AS, but dropped it because Religious Studies is so much more rewarding to me, despite the fact I gotta B in Lit ;)

Anyway! So sorry to ramble on in your ear, I always get a little happy when I see someone else from the UK, especially my age (round-about) and doing similar things~~

Have a nice day! :w00t:
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Why hello there. It has been a full year since I updated my profile as I haven't used this as much as I used too. So I have done my AS Levels in History, Sociology, Film Studies and English lit+lang

I had a B in all of them apart from Sociology which I got a C in, but had an A in one paper and a D in the other so am retaking the D paper to hopefully come out of A-Levels with an ABB. Dropped Film Studies as it isn't as much of an Academic subject :)

I'm hoping to do the history of religion in University as I find Philosophy and Religion the most interesting of things. I had converted to Islam myself once, but have since adopted an Agnostic Theist perspective.

Don't worry, It's always nice to see people commenting on my profile. I used to get like 100 messages a day lol and would reply to them. Since I went off for a whole year however I get virtually none lol.

I'm just a poet here though, If you wish to look at my poetry folder feel free to look~ Will upload onto your group soon too :) A bit depressing though just to warn you.…
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Ahh, yeah I probably should've noticed the 2013 bit... That means your my age then :boogie: (Oh and no worries about N-N, it happens :P)

And yeah, I'm retaking a paper from last year too; Buddhism paper for Religious Studies. I gotta D overall which sucked because I was getting Bs in the practice essays. Still, lots of people in my year did terrible (got Us!) and have to get themselves outta bigger holes than I have, so I'm grateful. I got A, B, C, D at AS! XD

And whoa, I'm agnostic theist too! O: I find it hard to believe everything spawned from nothingness, for no reason, and I also believe us (as human beings) are limited and constricted in our thinking and ability to fathom things... so I very much embrace the unknown. On the other hand, I have issues with Christianity and the traditional idea of 'God' too. So I'm sitting on a very big fence here! :P

I want to do English Language at university :w00t: Words and the way we use them intrigues me greatly ^0^

And yes, I'll check out your poetry indeed~ I too write poetry, though more rarely now.
Yuri212 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah that sounds interesting. My own father is a Taoist Buddhist. I do know bits and bobs and have read around it a lot. But would love to do an actual course on it. Surely, if lots of people did terrible don't they base grade boundaries on how people did? That's what happens in some of our papers I believe. Loads of people got what would of been A's but seeing as so many people did the boundaries went up to split it up (talk about myth of meritocracy eh). Haha, I wish I did better in my AS, wanted at least an A in my History. Hoping to do better in that subject in A2.

The theory of universe coming from nothing is just one of some Atheistic theories of creation. So you don't have to believe in that to be Atheist is all I'm saying. I find the leibnizian cosmological argument quite logical in my opinion which is usually the logical route I go by to explain why I believe in a God, though it still is a theory and so I would not go into a debate with it unless someone argued with another logical theory of course.

I saw your comment on my poem which I will reply too soon btw (I like to think before replying so sorry) so just wanted to question here, do you only look at the Christian idea of God when comparing? I'm only asking as I see it popping up, not making an assumption but just to warn it's dangerous to be Christocentric which is something we look at in Sociology. Don't go into any religion with a Christian God idea in mind is all I'm saying. The Islamic concept of God for example is very much different:
Say: He is Allah, The One and Only. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute. He begets not, nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him. [Al-Qur’an 112:1-4]

Compared to other religions, all are different in the concept of God so in order to research a religion, always have to have a different mindset.

Hah, I do literature and language so I know what you mean. Sounds fun though I wouldn't go as far as university for it :P

Thanks for looking at my poetry!
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Hello! Long time no chat!
How are you? Hows life?
Whats new? 
Yuri212 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hiyaa Leigh :) I've been good. Just finished my AS Levels, get the results back in August ^^ Hope I did well. Just been watching anime and relaxing a bit really ^^ how have you been? Family and friends all well? :)
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