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Like Clockwork...Tick Tock...
Death embrace me in your loving arms
Send me away, along with your daughters and sons.
Love me more than anything ever did in this world.
And I shall utilise the devil inside of myself.
For, this is what I need, what I deserve.
What I need to purify myself.
For the sins that I have committed.
For the love I have indulged in.
For the guilt and paranoia I have experienced.
I find myself inside this bubble of mixed feelings
And I find myself pondering as to the meaning of existence.
One side of the coin for love, the other for truth
I chose love and now we play truce.
Trump card, I have lost this bet to last throughout time.
So now truth is lost to me for the rest of my life.
I may have chosen love and loss, but I have no regrets.
Instead I shall be a victim of the devil’s encompassment.
I shall laugh and chuckle sarcastically instead of live in pity and sorrow.
And I shall be one of many to burn in Hellfire by living not for today, but for tomorrow.
For God only knows why I went wi
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Mature content
This Is War :iconyuri212:Yuri212 0 1
Mature content
Daddy :iconyuri212:Yuri212 2 0
Pisces Swimming in the Abyss
I wonder whether my direction in life is any better than the one I have in my mind.
I wonder whether love is the catalyst that clouds the destiny of time.
I wonder...
I feel really depressed for some unknown reason.
I need some form of social cohesion.
I find it hard to voice my thoughts; my inner Pisces mindset can explain more.
The voice in my head screams for the suffering of Lore.
I get paranoid all the god damn time.
Smallest things can surround my mind.
For days and days, escapism till the end of my life...
But not a phase remains...
I can't take this excruciating, aching pain.
The first time was more than a game. The second time sent my mind into a haze.
This was like a blow of gas inciting a spark, to slowly consume my coming days.
This confusion clouds my mind almost like evaporated clouds launch into the sky.
But this baby pig needs more to life than the brick house to block the monsters of deceit and lies.
I wonder if you are reading my inner monologues of which I normally k
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May death embrace every one of us in his icy cold arms.
May the angels suck the very souls out of our lungs.
May the demons cackle at us gawking with their red, hot tongues.
May we be cast into the depths of Hell with our spouses, daughters and sons.
May we pay for our confusion of life.
May we pay for thinking what we were doing is right.
May we pay for our misconceptions of what we deemed to be our light.
May we burn in Hell for confirming what He already preordained.
May God bestow upon us His hate for enjoying our lives.
May we be punished for not abiding by God’s given rights.
May we be cast away for not obeying the Divine.
May we live wretched lives for not following the Prophet’s signs.
For we know not, for we all forgot, for we were sincere not.
For we searched and searched, but the truth was never found.
For we bowed and worshipped and prostrated to the ground.
But nothing came...
According to which book? Which version? Which religion?
Satan’s whisperings is
:iconyuri212:Yuri212 2 0
Kingdom Hearts Wall Scroll by Yuri212 Kingdom Hearts Wall Scroll :iconyuri212:Yuri212 2 0
Love's Confusion
Sleep has become a distant memory in the back of my mind
And yet alcohol is still a big consumption for every mistake made in time.
Not long ago was I a desperate fool in love.
And at that time I believed everything could be solved with kisses and hugs.
But now I seem to have that same feeling a lot more often
And now what love truly is I may have forgotten.
Escapism on my mind constantly throughout the day
Alcohol a beverage I consume until my mind goes into a haze.
Is this how I’m going to spend the rest of my boring life?
Or maybe love can finally grant me a husband or a wife.
Surround myself with friends and family to not think about things.
But still in the back of my mind I contemplate my everlasting sins.
Of the pain I cause to people who appear to have feelings for me.
And the way I panic and flick them off as if they were a swarm of bees.
I always used to think I’m the nicest guy you’d ever meet.
But lately I believe that I’m not what people seem to see
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Me and Tomska by Yuri212 Me and Tomska :iconyuri212:Yuri212 2 7 Tropical Ginger Crunch by Yuri212 Tropical Ginger Crunch :iconyuri212:Yuri212 1 2 Through The Window by Yuri212 Through The Window :iconyuri212:Yuri212 3 2 Lake District by Yuri212 Lake District :iconyuri212:Yuri212 2 2 Dp by Yuri212 Dp :iconyuri212:Yuri212 0 2
A Lost Friendship
This aching pain
Surrounds me again
The memories transport me to the distant planes
All because of a lost friendship
The depression is so difficult to leave now
because of a close friend who no longer speaks a sound
she was once a love, then simply a friend
now we are nothing as the depression continues to bend.
Alcohol by my side, a life I'm still trying to find
A road I'm continuing down of nothing but wasteful time.
What's the point of living anymore... I've lost my light
as she is lost like a kite being released into the sky.
A light once bright, has now left my side.
And I'm left in this void of eternal darkness
As the demons cackle in my mind in delightfulness
Alone with the memories of a distant past
A drink everyday, until my last
Why is it so difficult for me to get over everything?
It's as if everything I do is commencing a sin
Do I deserve this... perhaps I do
because as soon as I get a moments happiness it seems...
This aching pain
surrounds me again
and the memories transp
:iconyuri212:Yuri212 1 2
I just can't stop with this awkward staring
Even after everything we've been through together
She stabs me in the back and sends me to another dimension.
Inside of me I feel so damn confused
The only thing occurring in my mind is booze
To help me from this everlasting depression
While trying to drag out of her a simple confession,
Telling me why she keeps on hurting me
And yet I have to keep talking because she holds the key.
To my heart, and all my hopes and fragile dreams.
A simple child that acts and smiles as bright as a sun beam
That's what she is and I am in love with her
Even after all the things she says that cause me hurt.
My mind is constantly blaring
And the old memories are always constantly sharing
Between us when we exchange looks
We've moved on but my memories are still inscribed in my books
And I flip through the pages with a beer by my side
And still suffer a real deep pain inside
I can't stop...I can't stop thinking
The memories come fast
:iconyuri212:Yuri212 3 13
What if god did exist?
If a god does exist, then I curse him with all my might,
for giving us the power to love, to elevate us like a kite,
only to crash us down to earth, and open our eyes to this harsh reality,
to bring us so much emotional despair, to drive us to the brink of self fatality.
What god, what have we done to deserve so much pain?
People worship you every single day, and yet you still just sweep us away.  
Or maybe death indeed is a blessing, and this is hell
and maybe that is why my head constantly aches as loud as the sounds of a church bell.
The aches and pains make me contemplate,
why does the world consist of so much hate?
Why can't love be a simple connection?
instead of this connection being slowly driven into a parallel dimension.
So if a god does exist, then I do curse him with all my might
for not even letting me achieve my dream of fading away from everybody's mind
So I say we shouldn't believe in a god
because if we are, we simply are his playful dogs
who he has fun with,
:iconyuri212:Yuri212 1 16
Attempts of Moving On
Moving on is like giving up a bad habit,
Now all of my hopes and dreams are locked inside of a cabinet.
Rest for a moment, stop thinking,
the love of my life fades away within seconds of blinking.
The memories of the times play backwards and forwards constantly in my mind,
I can't move on and forget no matter what distractions occur in my life.
Drinking can't help, and neither can time,
The only cure is music that recognises the pain in my life.
Forcing a smile whenever I'm with people,
In order to not spread this contagious fever,
I see her, and I talk to her every single day,
Always helping her when she's always feeling grey.
We used to be lovers, but that time has indeed passed,
And I'm trying to move on, and to not reflect on the past.
But moving on is like giving up a bad habit,
and now all of my hopes and dreams are locked inside of a cabinet...
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I might start uploading poetry again at some point. Hope people have been well if they still go on this.
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Aaron Garlick
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Name's Aaron - mainly a poet.
I might start uploading poetry again at some point. Hope people have been well if they still go on this.
  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Berserk Manga
  • Watching: Keiji
  • Playing: Tekken
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: Coke


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Sorry to be a creeper, but I couldn't help but notice you're going on to study A Levels? And I saw your GCSE results- impressive. I'd like to say I'm envious of you going on to do Sociology! That seems a very interesting subject. I am however doing A Level Psychology, which is fascinating. I'm also doing English Language (it's brilliant; best subject ever) and I did Literature for AS, but dropped it because Religious Studies is so much more rewarding to me, despite the fact I gotta B in Lit ;)

Anyway! So sorry to ramble on in your ear, I always get a little happy when I see someone else from the UK, especially my age (round-about) and doing similar things~~

Have a nice day! :w00t:
Yuri212 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh I just realise you don't take poetry, I didn't notice, apologies :)
Yuri212 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Why hello there. It has been a full year since I updated my profile as I haven't used this as much as I used too. So I have done my AS Levels in History, Sociology, Film Studies and English lit+lang

I had a B in all of them apart from Sociology which I got a C in, but had an A in one paper and a D in the other so am retaking the D paper to hopefully come out of A-Levels with an ABB. Dropped Film Studies as it isn't as much of an Academic subject :)

I'm hoping to do the history of religion in University as I find Philosophy and Religion the most interesting of things. I had converted to Islam myself once, but have since adopted an Agnostic Theist perspective.

Don't worry, It's always nice to see people commenting on my profile. I used to get like 100 messages a day lol and would reply to them. Since I went off for a whole year however I get virtually none lol.

I'm just a poet here though, If you wish to look at my poetry folder feel free to look~ Will upload onto your group soon too :) A bit depressing though just to warn you.…
Lotus-Pen Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Student Writer
Ahh, yeah I probably should've noticed the 2013 bit... That means your my age then :boogie: (Oh and no worries about N-N, it happens :P)

And yeah, I'm retaking a paper from last year too; Buddhism paper for Religious Studies. I gotta D overall which sucked because I was getting Bs in the practice essays. Still, lots of people in my year did terrible (got Us!) and have to get themselves outta bigger holes than I have, so I'm grateful. I got A, B, C, D at AS! XD

And whoa, I'm agnostic theist too! O: I find it hard to believe everything spawned from nothingness, for no reason, and I also believe us (as human beings) are limited and constricted in our thinking and ability to fathom things... so I very much embrace the unknown. On the other hand, I have issues with Christianity and the traditional idea of 'God' too. So I'm sitting on a very big fence here! :P

I want to do English Language at university :w00t: Words and the way we use them intrigues me greatly ^0^

And yes, I'll check out your poetry indeed~ I too write poetry, though more rarely now.
Yuri212 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah that sounds interesting. My own father is a Taoist Buddhist. I do know bits and bobs and have read around it a lot. But would love to do an actual course on it. Surely, if lots of people did terrible don't they base grade boundaries on how people did? That's what happens in some of our papers I believe. Loads of people got what would of been A's but seeing as so many people did the boundaries went up to split it up (talk about myth of meritocracy eh). Haha, I wish I did better in my AS, wanted at least an A in my History. Hoping to do better in that subject in A2.

The theory of universe coming from nothing is just one of some Atheistic theories of creation. So you don't have to believe in that to be Atheist is all I'm saying. I find the leibnizian cosmological argument quite logical in my opinion which is usually the logical route I go by to explain why I believe in a God, though it still is a theory and so I would not go into a debate with it unless someone argued with another logical theory of course.

I saw your comment on my poem which I will reply too soon btw (I like to think before replying so sorry) so just wanted to question here, do you only look at the Christian idea of God when comparing? I'm only asking as I see it popping up, not making an assumption but just to warn it's dangerous to be Christocentric which is something we look at in Sociology. Don't go into any religion with a Christian God idea in mind is all I'm saying. The Islamic concept of God for example is very much different:
Say: He is Allah, The One and Only. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute. He begets not, nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him. [Al-Qur’an 112:1-4]

Compared to other religions, all are different in the concept of God so in order to research a religion, always have to have a different mindset.

Hah, I do literature and language so I know what you mean. Sounds fun though I wouldn't go as far as university for it :P

Thanks for looking at my poetry!
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SoolaHoop12 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello! Long time no chat!
How are you? Hows life?
Whats new? 
Yuri212 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hiyaa Leigh :) I've been good. Just finished my AS Levels, get the results back in August ^^ Hope I did well. Just been watching anime and relaxing a bit really ^^ how have you been? Family and friends all well? :)
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